Top Salesforce Summer ’23 Release Features

5 min readMay 11, 2023


Drumrolls! Brace yourselves as Salesforce is here yet again with Summer ’23 release features. This version includes numerous new features that enable you to automate more quickly and personalize every customer engagement.

Let’s have a look at the top features in this blog;

Integrated Analytics Services

You can engage with all of your Lightning reports and dashboards, CRM Analytics assets, and Einstein Discovery models and predictions thanks to unified experiences in the Analytics tab and Slack. With extensive search, suggestions, groupings of all your statistics, and more, the statistics tab is where you can find your Lightning reports, dashboards, and CRM Analytics assets. You can simply share data with colleagues across your Slack workspaces and channels by using the Post to Slack option on Lightning dashboards and the CRM data for the Slack app.

The Analytics Home will unify all of your analytics.

Find the information you require in the new Analytics home instead of managing analytics dispersed across various products. All of your content is arranged in one unique environment for CRM analytics, reports, and dashboards.

Customer Data Platform has been renamed to Data Cloud.

With the renaming of the Customer Data Platform to Salesforce Data Cloud, learn about updated documentation and new features. The old brand names were still visible in a few places during the branding transition.

Where: All editions of Lightning Experience are affected by this modification.

How: Start with the About Salesforce Data Cloud help page for information on both new and old Data Cloud material.

Limit emails sent by a guest user.

This upgrade prevents businesses from sending emails from guest user records that have unverified email addresses. This release update doesn’t affect organizations with a verified organization-wide email address because the “sent from” email address always defaults to the organization’s verified email address. With the Summer ’23 release, this upgrade becomes effective. Emails sent from the organization using an unverified email address from a guest user are banned once this upgrade is in effect.

Where: Organizations that use Lightning Experience or Salesforce Classic and have a guest user are affected by this change.

With Hyperforce Assistant, switch to Hyperforce

Now that Hyperforce Assistant is available, you can upgrade to Hyperforce. The updated assistant has the newest Hyperforce messaging that has been authorized. And the Prepare phase’s hard-coded references check now accommodates Salesforce Orgs with a sizable number of Apex classes.

Where: In all editions of Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic, Hyperforce Assistant is accessible.

How: You are prompted to start the assistant after scheduling your upgrade. Launch the assistant manually if you are due for a major org migration (MOM) but do not see the popup. Enter “Hyperforce Assistant” from Setup in the Quick Find Box, then click on that option.

OmniStudio Document Generation Speeds Up Quote Template Creation

Salesforce CPQ Plus makes it simpler to create templates that your reps may utilize to construct quotes for your customers. With the language and layout you desire, create a Microsoft Word (.docx) document. Insert tokens, upload the document, and map the tokens to Salesforce fields. Once this template is activated, your sales representatives can begin using it. Reps can choose whether or not to convert their materials to PDFs.

Where: This modification affects both Salesforce Classic and the Lightning Experience in Salesforce CPQ Plus.

PRM for Slack App Collaboration in Real Time

For streamlined communication and cooperation, combine internal teams with external partners in one channel. Slack allows you to automate crucial business procedures, access, update, and share records, and more. To increase efficiency and improve communication, Partner Relationship Management (PRM) for Slack links your sales teams with partners and provides access to crucial data through partner portals.

Where: Both the Enterprise and Unlimited editions of the Salesforce mobile app, as well as Lightning Experience, are affected by this change. Slack Enterprise Grid users are required.

Without coding, enter external data into the flow builder.

Create an HTTP callout action that uses a web service API to automate procedures involving external data using Flow Builder without writing any code. Following the addition of the API information, Flow Builder creates a reusable callout action that can be used immediately in Flow Builder and throughout Salesforce. Since the last version, certain changes have been made to this commonly available function. The processing of the API response that enables the use of external data in flows may now be more easily configured and edited declaratively in an HTTP callout action.

Where: This modification affects the Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions of Lightning Experience.

Who: The Manage Flow and Customize Applications permissions are required for administrators in order to establish an HTTP callout action.

Why: When a new field is added to an external system, for instance, APIs frequently change. In the past, you altered the automatically created API definition to change the reusable HTTP callout action, which required knowledge of JSON. The action can now be changed with a few clicks.

Initially, you had to alter JSON in order to change the data types in an inferred data structure while configuring the parsing of the API response. Now, you may choose the data types for the field by clicking on them within the inferred data structure. The available data types include date, Date/Time, and boolean.

Additionally, when creating your HTTP callout action, you receive more understandable error messages that may be used to fix the problem and avoid problems during runtime.

These Summer ’23 features are here to make your daily tasks easy, efficient, and productive. Are you looking to upgrade your Salesforce instance? We at Apphienz are here to assist you with all sorts of Salesforce integration, implementation, app development, etc. Visit our website to know more about us and write to us at for further queries.