How can Consumer Goods Industry Achieve Sustainable Growth with Salesforce AI?

2 min readJul 10, 2023


Margin pressures from inflation are affecting the consumer goods (CG) sector. Gaining operational margins will be the most significant problem facing the sector as a whole in 2023, according to 68% of industry leaders, and 90% of CG companies said they intend to invest in cost-cutting and margin expansion. With the full potential of Salesforce CRM, Consumer Goods Cloud enables businesses to seamlessly integrate planning and execution for improved productivity, reduced expenses, and enhanced revenue (

To combat this, Consumer Goods Cloud for Service, Trade Promotion Effectiveness Dashboards, and Mulesoft Direct for Consumer Goods are just a few of the new developments that Salesforce has unveiled. These developments use Einstein AI and automation to more efficiently manage the billions of dollars organizations spend on trade promotion, generate top and bottom-line growth, raise customer happiness, and improve the customer experience.

Consumer Goods Cloud, A solution tailored to your sector and based on the top CRM can help you achieve profitable growth.

With CG Cloud,

  • Boost productivity and expand the economy.
  • Plan and forecast customers more effectively.
  • Boost the success of trade promotion
  • Perfect your retail execution

Organize planning and execution on a single, integrated platform.


Utilize automated reporting to boost account sales.

Managing Trade Promotion

Performance analytics and fund management transparency help ensure the success of trade promotion.

Execution for Retail

Up your field output and business prowess.

The new AI-enabled Consumer Goods Cloud for Service gives service representatives the ability to:

  • Using trusted AI capabilities from Service GPT, like conversational chatbots, knowledge articles, and automated case summaries, you may cut expenses, boost productivity, and hasten case resolutions.
  • Access account, store, and product data in real-time through a single interface to help you expedite every customer service encounter.
  • When offering customer service with penny-perfect pricing and integrated telesales capabilities for upselling chances, account sales and topline revenue will increase.
  • Consumer Goods Cloud now includes new Trade Promotion Effectiveness dashboards powered by data, allowing businesses to obtain insightful information from their data. By using this, businesses are able to find the highest-earning promotions, cut out wasteful trade spending, and improve customer business planning and forecasting.

Pre-built connectors with MuleSoft Direct for Consumer Goods allow teams to:

  • With a few mouse clicks, connect crucial data from other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Product Information Management (PIM) systems directly in Consumer Goods Cloud utilizing APIs.
  • Accelerate the adoption of trade promotion management to enhance the ROI of promotions.

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